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Workplace Futures provides a unique opportunity to identify – and help shape – the future of FM.

This is an industry that plays a critical role in the success of virtually every private and public sector organisation. Join in the debate – make your mark on the business – get involved in this important annual event.

By bringing together a panel of carefully selected expert speakers and an audience of high-ranking FM leaders to tackle some of the biggest questions of the day, Workplace Futures helps to explore – and define – the crucial role that facilities management can play in a changing world.


Workplace Futures 2019 – Surviving FM: making tomorrow a better place, Tuesday 5th February - The Crystal, London

The past months have been interesting times in facilities management. Liquidators took control of Carillion at the beginning of the year, and even for those who had some idea of the scale of the problems that step still came as an unprecedented move in the industry. It may even be a genuine game-changer as we wait to see how (and if?) client organisations and service providers will adjust their policies and procedures in the light of the details that are still emerging.

That landmark event took place against a backdrop of concern – or at the least, a sense of caution – around Brexit, how it will develop and what it will mean, coupled with a more general political and economic uncertainty in the UK and beyond. And at the same time the facilities management sector has continued to be a busy place characterised by growth and change even as it remains a highly competitive, low-margin industry.

Service providers have responded to the mixed conditions we’ve seen in recent years in very different ways. There has been positive, steady growth often bolstered by acquisition; and there have also been profit warnings, falling revenue and the introduction of hard-nosed transformation strategies.

What is it about the FM industry that gives rise to experiences at opposite ends of the spectrum? What can we learn from companies who are pursuing transformation successfully? And what about the ones who appear to go from strength to strength – are there insights or lessons that can be applied elsewhere?

If facilities management is to continue on its broad track of successful development, we need to know more about the business of FM, its challenges and opportunities, what works and what doesn’t – and why. We need more good, timely and frank insights and information. This is the task we’ve set for Workplace Futures 2019.



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